It’s 4:30 and my alarm clock is screaming to wake me up. This is the most difficult part of creating beautiful images. But, when you want to make the best pictures, you have to rise early. So I jump out of bed and try to make the least possible noise. I realise: if I wake my wife, I’m in deep trouble. But first things first: coffee.

This morning I want to take pictures in Rotterdam and it’s an hour’s drive. The motorways are nearly empty and I love this time of day. It’s my second attempt. The previous day it rained, that messed up my plans. But this morning it looks promising.

I arrive at the location and it’s quiet. The city is still asleep. But I know this won’t last long. It’s already 20 degrees Celsius and the sun has yet to rise, it will be a hot day. It’s time to set up my cameras.

As time passes and the sun rises slowly I get excited. This is going to be a beautiful day.

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